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Membership » The Process of Admission to Membership

Membership Admission Process

  • Counseling for information to prospective members as per the requirement.
  • Submission of completed application form along with documents.
  • Processing of application by the Business Development Department, MSD of the Exchange.
  • Interview of Business Development Department, MSD.*
  • Compliance Reviews and Acceptance of submitted documents.
  • Payment of Admission Fee to the Exchange before signing an agreement.
  • Executing an agreement with the Exchange after all the requirements are satisfied for membership.
  • Opening necessary bank accounts, prescribed by the Exchange in the designated banks.
  • Grant of membership by MEX and a certificate of membership shall be issued to the member.
  • Allotment of Membership Code by the Exchange and shall receive the respective console from the Exchange.

*Note: MEX may waive interview requirement for an applicant who is a member of other national-level exchange/s having trading experience, along with the background, potentiality and future plan, subject to submission of satisfactory documents issued as per the terms and conditions of an exchange.

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