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P. 4                                    MARKET PERSPECTIVE                                                                                                            Volume: 5 • Issue: 3 • Year: 2013 A.D

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                                                    Green Way to Prosperity!

    Nepal is portrayed as an “agricultural              When it comes to imports and exports of food                         Census 2011 states that approximately 9 percent      but at the same time, it is important to secure the
country” and we have been reading this since        items, imports exceeds exports. In the first eight                       of women have access to land. This indicates that    land ownership of the farmers. Besides, there
our school days. The statement holds as there       months of FY 2012/13, Nepal exported food                                the “actual labour forces” behind the agriculture    should be optimum utilization of the fallow
are many communities dependent on agriculture       items and live animals worth about Rs.12.23                              or the “genuine farmers” are deprived of land        productive lands.
and agriculture significantly contributes to the    billion while imports was worth about Rs. 39.57                          ownership which has been hindering to the
GDP of Nepal. These agricultural communities        billion. Imports of these items are higher by                            economic growth of poor farmers.                         Though Nepal is potential enough to develop
plough, feed and nurture their land and grow        58.9 percent as compared to FY 2011/12. The                                                                                   itself through agriculture, the prioritization
crops and vegetables.                               survey shows that imports of food item and live                              The policy part has been weak as in most         is the lag - once got over it, the future seems
                                                    animals that had registered an average growth                            of the cases. The strategies, polices and acts       bright.
    For a country like Nepal, increasing            of 22.1 percent in ten years have increased by                           are merely limited to papers, not into action.
investments in agriculture and enhancing            39.4 percent in FY 2011/12.                                              Agriculture Perspective Plan and National Land                                   Rojy Joshi
agricultural production can contribute to                                                                                    Use Policy are some of the instances of such
the economic upliftment of the country. It is           The scenario reveals that the agricultural                           policies. It is very important to ensure the use                                      Graduate of Bachelor in
estimated that 1 percent per annum increase         production is declining and our imports exceed                           of quality fertilizers and seeds in agricultural                                      Development Studies
in agricultural growth, on average, leads to a      the exports. In long run, economic growth of                             lands. Organic fertilizers can be best option.                              
2.7 percent increase in income in developing        the country is definitely going to be affected as                        May be Nepal Agricultural Research Council
countries (World Bank 2007; De Janvry and           agriculture is one of the important determinants                         (NARC) should conduct intensive research on                              Page 04
Sadoulet 2009; IFAD 2013). World Bank also          of GDP. Well then, it is very important to dig                           this and thereby suggest appropriate measures
suggests that investment in agriculture 2.5         out the reasons behind decreasing agricultural                           and ensure that they are actually brought into
to 3 times is more effective in escalating the      production, increasing imports of food items                             implementation in agricultural fields. While
income of the poor than is the non-agricultural     and thus, look for the solutions--the sustainable                        on the other hand, it is equally important that
investment and agricultural growth is typically     and effective ones.                                                      there should be land reform measures-- well
found to be the primary source of poverty                                                                                    justified and suitable for Nepal’s context. Until
reduction. Despite these facts, many people             Use of fertilizers, weather and climatic                             and unless, the genuine farmers get access to
who are agricultural dependent are suffering        conditions, improper use of land, absenteeism                            land, even the concepts like commercialization
from poverty in Nepal.                              of landlords, increasing fallow lands, ownership                         of agriculture may turn to be a failure. Yes, it is
                                                    of land, land tenure system are the few and                              important to increase investments in agriculture,
    The agriculture sector made the contribution    important factors among many to name. While
of 35.36 percent in Fiscal Year (FY) 2011/12        weather and climatic conditions are beyond the
and estimated to remain 34.33 percent in            domain of human control, others are. There
2012/13 (Economic Survey, MOF 2012). Thus,          has been rampant use of chemical fertilizers in
agriculture remains as one of the major pillars of  Nepal. The usage increased anticipating rapid
economy in the country. In current FY 2012/13,      increase in production. In long run, however,
GDP of the agriculture sector is estimated to       these have and will adversely affect the fertility
grow by 1.13 percent as compared to previous        of soil. Health hazards will be tedious to deal
fiscal year. However, the production of food        with. Also, with the increased migration from
grain shrunk by 11.3 percent in the current         rural to urban areas, there has been rise in
fiscal year which resulted to 8 percent decline     landlord absenteeism. Ultimately, the productive
in production of major food crops. The survey       lands remain fallow affecting the agricultural
also states that the total cultivated land covered  production. Land rights and ownership is another
under these food crops is estimated to shrink       raising concern. In Nepal, there are groups like
to 3,344,000 hectares with a decrease of nearly     Haruwa, Charuwa, Haliya, Kamaiya to name
140,000 hectares resulting in productivity          the few, who are deprived of the land despite
decline by 4 percent as compared to that of         working on it for their livelihood. Women, on
previous fiscal year.                               the other hand, are also deprived of ownership
                                                    to land though they contribute as agricultural
                                                    labourers. The National Population and Housing

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