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P. 3                                                      MEX NEWS PORTAL                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Volume: 7 • Issue: 2 • Year: 2015 A.D

  MEX Launches New Version of                                                MEX Launches                                                                                                                                                                                            MEX Launches a New Version of
               AX1 Trader                                                    Year Book 2014                                                                                                                                                                                                      MAC Trader

MEX Nepal launched new and advanced version of AX1 Trader             MEX launched the 5th edition of MEX Year Book i.e “YEAR                                                                                                                                                        On 28th May, 2015 a new version of MAC Trader was released for
in live platform from 8th June, 2015. The latest version includes     BOOK 2014”.This annual publication was initiated in the year 2010                                                                                                                                              the users of MAC device.
advanced features such as ALGO. ALGO [Algorithmic Trading]            and it has been continuously published since then. Among all the
is one of the advanced features of this version which is based on     publications of the exchange, the year book is highly regarded by
your strategy by the use of computerized predetermined logic          all the clients, brokers and members of the exchange. The yearbook
drawing inputs from market data. However, this carries a high         reviews the activities of the exchange as well as all the market
level of risk, so traders need to do the back testing or practice in  activities. The almanac section of the yearbook provides great value
demo before implementing the same in live. Traders can develop        information to the readers. It was released on 1st June, 2015.
their own strategies for Algo and request MEX [via broker]
for programming the strategies. Online Deposit & Withdrawal
facility is also available in this version.

                                                                      YEAR YBEOAORKY2BE0OA1O4RKB2O0O1K4 2014Mercantile Exchange Nepal Limited

                               MEX Provides Charity to Earthquake Hit Orphanages

MEX Nepal has always provided help and support to those in need. The major earthquake
that hit the country had harsh effects specially to orphanages of the country. In an effort
to raise the hopes shattered by the earthquake, MEX Nepal provided support and relief
materials. Employees from MEX Nepal, including the CEO visited the orphanages to observe
the damages caused by the earthquake and the subsequent tremors. MEX Nepal provided
tarpaulin sheets to the children who were at the moment living in temporary shelters due
to the damages caused by the earthquake. MEX Nepal is privileged and honored to provide
assistance to the charitable organization in the wake of the earthquake and bring a ray of hope
and a smile in the faces of the children.

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