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Star Grading of Brokers

Star Grading of Brokers

MEX has introduced Star Grading for its Brokers, wishing to upgrade the commodity market and inspiring our associates to advance more and be ahead in all the aspects of the market.

Brokers are given stars on basis of their infrastructure and overall business operation and management. "Three" Stars being the highest grade and denoting the best ones.

The brokers shall be evaluated on half yearly basis or as per requirement.

New Brokers shall be evaluated after 3 months of coming into operation or may it be earlier.

Star Grading 2017-I

Broker Code Name Status
1005  Money Plus and Securities Pvt. Ltd. ***
1023  Sonata Investment Pvt.Ltd. ***
1024  Laxmi Gold Investment Pvt. Ltd. ***
1040  Sansar Investment Company Pvt. Ltd. ***
2005  Fewa Trade and Investment Pvt. Ltd. ***
2035  Deeplaxmi Commodities Services Pvt. Ltd. ***
2054  Lima Investment Pvt. Ltd. ***
2086  Devine Investment and Trade Pvt. Ltd. ***
2093  Pioneer Investment Management Pvt. Ltd. ***
2095  Envisage Investment Pvt. Ltd. ***
3007  Norex Pvt Ltd ***
1014  Maverick Securities and Trade Pvt. Ltd. **
2028  Derivative Futures Trading Pvt. Ltd. **
2047  IT Training and Investment Pvt. Ltd. **
2064  Ankura Investment Company Pvt. Ltd. **
2087  Monetary Investment Pvt. Ltd. **
1001  Jambhala Investment Pvt. Ltd. *
1039  Money Spell Investment Pvt. Ltd. *
2002  Expedient Securities Pvt. Ltd. *
2007  Universal Commodities Pvt. Ltd. *
2034  JD Investment Pvt. Ltd. *
2038  ShreeRaj Shyama Ji Trade Investment Pvt. Ltd. *
2053  E Zone Commodities Market Pvt. Ltd. *
2055  Vaibhav Laxmi Investment Pvt. Ltd. *
2060  Tills Investment Pvt. Ltd. *
2061  IFRS Solution Pvt. Ltd. *
2062  SP Commodities Pvt. Ltd. *
2067  Banepa Investment Pvt. Ltd. *
2077  Gahanagriha Investment Company Pvt. Ltd. *
2092  SRB Capital Pvt. Ltd. *
2094  Bindhyabasini Investment And Trade Pvt. Ltd. *
2097  Professional Studies Pvt. Ltd. New Broker
2098  Investment Multiplier Pvt. Ltd. New Broker
2099  N.C. Trade Pvt. Ltd. New Broker