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MTC 2016 In order to encourage commodity trading among the financial community, Mercantile Exchange Nepal Limited organized the MEX TRADING CHALLENGE - 2016. MTC-2016 was a 30-trading days challenge where any individual could participate and trade in variety of MEX products on a stimulated trading environment on a real time professional trading platform. MTC-2016 opened from 30th May 2016 and concluded on 9th July 2016. Initially the participants were provided with Rs. 5,00,000 opening balance which they had to use to trade in demo account. Participants had to increase their equity using their trading skills and strategies. This was a stage to showcase the skills of trading by the contestants thereby setting an example of disciplined and smart trading. MEX Nepal would like to congratulate all the winners and also thank all the participants who enrolled in the challenge.

Category Name of Participant Closing Equity
First Mr. Dipesk Pote Shrestha Rs. 2,688,638.79
Second Mr. Ram Kumar Sinkhada Rs. 2,682,087.80
Third Ms. Pragya Adhikari Rs. 2,219,152.95
Most Consistent Trader Mr. Abhiyan Upadhyay Top 3 for 13 Times Recorded Each Trading Day at 12 PM

Glimpses from the Felicitation Program held on 10 July 2016