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Introduction To Derivatives

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introduction to derivatives


MEX Nepal has provided a conducive environment for investing in an era of financial conundrum amidst the lack of investing opportunities in the country. With an objective of providing a transparent and a lucrative measure for the ardent investors, the commodity market have garnered tremendous pace in creating an alternative platform for investing in the preceding years in the nation, albeit being one of the oldest investment avenues in the world. But this enhanced interest in the market has been nullified by the lack of education amongst the general practitioners in the market.

Keeping this in mind, MEX Nepal is proud and privileged to join hands with the leading training institution, Pioneer Professional Academy, in bridging the gap between education and opportunity. The MEX Certified Derivatives Basics (MCDB) course will cater to the need of today by providing informative training on the intricacies linked to the commodity market in general. The course content has been made with a view to support the notion that quality education cannot be compromised by the investors of tomorrow. The course will be taught by professionals of the market, who have immense expertise and knowledge. The course is designed to cater the needs of the practitioners of the market commencing with the basics of the commodity market and culminating with the various analysis i.e. fundamental and technical - requisites to be a complete trader in today's evolving market dynamics. The course will also cover the contemporary market events which will provide an insight into the various events and likewise provide a hands-on experience of the trading environment.

The course will be certified by Mercantile Exchange Nepal Limited and Pioneer Professional Academy and will enhance the reputation of a prospective/current trader in the commodity market. The number of the applicants undertaking the course will be limited thereby enhancing the experience within a focused group. The prime objective of this certified training is to equip the market participants to trade confidently in the commodity market with an in-depth knowledge and also create more professionals in the industry. This course will also enable college graduates to be independent and choose an alternative career or even be entrepreneurs in the forthcoming days.

Through this endeavor, MEX Nepal will be on the brink of bringing domestic investors nearer to the next big thing in investment i.e. commodity trading. Be a part of this learning curve and watch your investments multiply in the long run.

Outline of the Course:

MEX Certified Derivative Basics (MCDB)

1. Derivative and Futures market

2. Technical Analysis - basic and advanced

3. Fundamental Analysis - basic and advanced

4. Trading Psychology

For more information regarding the course, please contact the Research & Development Department at MEX Nepal or visit the website of Pioneer Academy by following the link below: