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MEX Charity Trust Corporate Social Responsibility

These well said words by Former President Mr. Bill Clinton explains that every one in the world should not only fulfill their personal responsibilities but also their social responsibilities.

We at MEX, very well agree with the words of Mr. Clinton. The need of fulfilling the corporate social responsibility initiatives in business practice seems to be important in response to the dramatic environmental changes as well as to the existing social problems in the society. We try to make sure that we equally contribute to the society and the environment while fulfilling our day to day responsibilities. We are continuously involved in serving the society while serving their needs at earliest. In order to do so, we first of all look for the one who is in need and then we try to make sure what possible assistance can we provide them so that their need is fulfilled. Health Organization, Government School, Madarsa, Orphanage, Old Age Home, Blood Donation Program etc are some of the initiatives where we have shown our maximum contribution. Some of the major initiatives taken by MEX to serve the needy section of the society and for the social welfare are listed below: