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                                                                                         Volume: 5 • Issue: 2 • Year: 2013 A.D

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    From the CEO’s Desk                                                                  Commodity Trading:

        At this point of time, I would gladly                           Beyond the Console!
                                   like to take this opportunity to
                           share to all the stakeholders of the Nepali      There has always been a major concern from the clients’ end regarding the transparency and reliability of trading software in
                           financial market, especially commodity       the Nepali commodity market. Overcoming the shortfalls and satisfying all the basic themes of commodity market, MEX Nepal
                           market, about the launch of our new          has come up with the new advanced version of trading console, State-of-the-art AX1 Exchange Solution-MEX Nepal Trader and
                           Exchange SolutionAX1, the sole purpose       Manager, which would put a new benchmark among the Nepali commodity exchanges. The new Manager and Trader Consoles
of which is the increased level of transparency in the ongoing          are believed to facilitate the highest level of transparent sphere in Nepali commodity market space.
commodity trading practices and also added plans to launch
the local deliverable products. It gives immense pleasure to                During my recent market visit to one of the brokerage firm (not associated with MEX Nepal), I had a very meaningful
observe the positive feedback about the new software from the           interaction with some of the clients who were trading with humongous amount. During the conversation with the traders, I
overall commodity market.                                               found that in the absence of clarity of fundamentals of the market mechanisms, the traders were not very much satisfied with the
                                                                        (Contracts for Difference) CFD (then active trading mechanism) market operations. The prime attribute of their dissatisfaction
Continuing the series of good news, the budget of the country,          was the ambiguous trading mechanism, at least for them. At that particular moment, I completely agreed on their stands and
popularly known as the fiscal policy, has finally addressed the         greeted their queries with a big “YES” for a radical shift in the trading module, but also informed them that they have to get
regulation issue of the Nepali commodity market. “Morning               themselves acquainted with the software and market mechanism that exchanges use.
shows the day”- the saying holds, the budget has announced the
regulation of the commodity exchanges under the supervisory                                                              AX1 MEX Trader Console where client’s orders cannot be modified.
authority, Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON). Besides that,
the tax policy has also been amended with the required changes              For the fair and genuine order execution and to maintain the market reliability, it’s very important to have the facility of order
that would benefit the clients. As we had been mentioning,              tracking system for the broker/trader as well as general awareness about the back-end software. Normally, the software’s can be
MEX Nepal is one of the pioneers in the country to start the            purchased from the software companies embedded with flexible facilities which may be used by the dealer in the various ways
tirade of the discussions on the need of the regulatory body            and can maintain different set of parameter for the different users in one trading system.
and regulations for the commodity exchanges in the country,
finally all the efforts have been showing up as some distinct               This kind of market initiative by MEX Nepal, where there is complete market transparency rights from the open order
shape in the form of upcoming regulation.                               to order execution, would surely bridge the gap between the market participants and develop the environment of trust and
                                                                        transparency which is also a prerequisite of the commodity exchanges all round the globe and also an initiative in Nepali
It is true that it makes a lot of difference when something is          commodity sector which would surely change the landscape of Nepali commodity market to bring satisfactory result among the
done with a balanced and encouraged state of mind and when              market participants.
the situation is contra; and this period, when we are obsessed
and obliged with the foundation of highly anticipated regulation                                                                                                                             Lakshman Pandit
supported by our new trading platform, it will surely help create                                                                                                                            Manager
a conducive environment in the Nepali commodity market.                                                                                                                                      Business Development
We are aware of the fact that the coming days would be more                                                                                                                                  Department
challenging for us, complying with the upcoming regulations                                                                                                                                  MEX Nepal
and introducing local products in the product domain of ours.
But we are all prepared and ready to take on the challenge. We
will take on this challenge and as a matter of fact, MEX Nepal
will soon come up with the local products which will further
boost the confidence of our clients in the niche market.

To conclude, I would only like to mention that Doing days are
on now and MEX Nepal would not leave a stone unturned in
doing the best to provide the market with new products and
new trading dynamics which will justify that the commodity
market has a long way to go and MEX Nepal will surely lead
the way with diligence and innovation.

                                      - Jitesh Surendran
                                               CEO, MEX Nepal

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