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From the CEO’s Desk                                                 High Frequency

   T hanking all of MEX Nepal                                                                                   Trading
                                     associates for their valuable
                                     output to launch new version   H igh Frequency Trading (HFT)               trend of price and fluctuating levels      almost ten times bigger than traditional
                       of AX-1 trader with modernized                          is speedily execution of         which helps them in making in flow         trading strategy.
                       features. The new version of console                    orders in very short time by     of money even faster. In the system
is user friendly and can avail the wide choices of trading          automated computer program with             it has fast processing such that there     As per one of report, HFT firms
alternatives. MEX Nepal is always dedicated to upgrade the          application of algorithms. The HFT          is instant execution of the desired        capitalize 2% of 20,000 companies
system for users by improvising the previous versions, such         was observed first time in 1999 and         orders. It also takes each opportunity of  operation in 2009 in America and it
as the addition of fund withdrawal and deposit tab that was         its use caused excess volatility in the     market whether it is bigger or smaller.    has accounted for 73% of all equity
much in demand.                                                     market. HFT has motive to trade with        Programs works in high fluctuating         orders volume. And in 2012, HFT
                                                                    big volume to gain with low risk and        data time and provided that there is       accounted for more than 60 percent of
We are also proud to add yet another service that is the            without holding for long period.            small human intervention to look out       all futures market volume on American
Android Version of AX1Trader. As the market is always on                                                        trading smoothly. Because of this HFT,     exchanges. It is getting broader
the move and so is the need of portable devices growing, we         HFT firm uses computer programming          their Sharpe ratio (Reward to risk) is     around globe because of its liquidity,
have successfully launched this version with respect to the         in form of algorithms to track the                                                     profitability, less cost and market
widespread use of these devices. We hope to serve a wide                                                                                                   efficiency. Chicago Trading, Jump,
range of clients through this endeavor of ours.                                                                                                            Jane Street Capital, Hudson River
                                                                                                                                                           Trading, IMC Financial Markets, Sun
Market awareness and market development has always                                                                                                         Trading, RSJ Algorithmic Trading,
been our priority. We are always trying our best to enhance                                                                                                Flow Traders are few popular name
the market capacity of existing as well as new customers.                                                                                                  who are involved in this HFT as
Thus we intend to add value to our existing customer for                                                                                                   primary business in stock, commodity
their market expansion by helping them in the form of free                                                                                                 and other derivatives. Such trading in
training, business expansion guidance, client’s procurement,                                                                                               Nepal is not noticed till now but as per
client management etc. We have been consistently                                                                                                           growth of industries, it might come
conducting our Free Training for market participants on                                                                                                    soon.
varied subjects such as fundamental, technical, software,
market mechanism etc.

Last but not least, we will accept any good suggestion from
our valuable associates to serve our commodity market,
let’s join our hands together for development of commodity
market to new height.

                     - Jitesh Surendran                                                                                                                    Lakshman Pandit

                                                                                                                                                           Business Development
                                                                                                                                                           MEX Nepal

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